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VC's & Angel Investors partner with Rise Up Crowdfunding!

Deal Flow Sharing, Send Them Our Way.

Amazing things can happen if we come together!  Rise Up Crowdfunding™ in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company is trying to address the investment gap for Women, Black, Brown, LGBTQ, Veterans, and all underrepresented minority founders and small businesses.

We know these diverse entrepreneurs receive less than 3% of total venture capital (VC) funding and we think it would be a benevolent gesture by VCs and Angel investors to help these founders whom they aren’t interested in funding, to “send them our way”. 

We know that the gender and racial venture funding gap is a gigantic underserved opportunity that we can all make big changes to solve if they are introduced to Rise Up Crowdfunding, so we are encouraging VCs and Angel investors who pass on investing in these diverse founders to “send them our way”.

And if they are successful on our funding portal we will let you know so you can take another look at them. Deal flow sharing at its best. We’re building a community that is collaborative and looking to make real change. We are forming strategic partnerships to support founders and investors alike.

If You Are Interested In This, Please Reach Out To Us At: