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At Rise Up Crowdfunding we plan to do something different than others.

We are building a potential Investor community ahead of our Regulation Crowdfunding offering so that the responsibility of bringing the entire crowd of investors to a Regulation Crowdfunding offering is not on the backs of the women and minority entrepreneurs who choose our funding portal.

Sign up now for FREE and join our mission to change the inequality of access to capital for women-owned companies and diverse-owned small businesses, by joining our Rise Up Crowdfunding Premium Investor program.

Get 10% Extra Bonus Shares.

You will earn extra shares with any shares you purchase in participating offerings.

Early E-mail Launch Notifications.

Be among the first to hear about participating offerings when they go live.

Priority Waitlist - No FOMO.

You will get priority on the waitlist when offerings exceed their maximum amounts.

Program Perks & Member Events.

Join a community of like-minded committed investors and gain access to special perks.

Sign our pledge to invest $100 in a women-owned or minority-owned company on Rise Up Crowdfunding and get up to 10% extra additional investment shares in certain companies when you make an investment.

NOTE: This is clearly an honor system and we have no way of enforcing that you will make your $100 investment but we hope you will be inspired by these diverse entrepreneurs on our funding portal and that you will consider supporting some of them through an investment.