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Unprecedented times call for bold and innovative action.

Rise Up Crowdfunding assists with the education that issuers need to fund their piece of the American dream and help make equitable change finally happen.

We are there at every stage to help you raise up to $5M from the general public (the crowd).

We also believe that a business should be a force for social good.

If you go through the capital-raising process on the Rise Up Crowdfunding portal. you will be required to disclose during the review process and to the public on your profile page the answers to the following questions to let prospective crowdfunding investors know where you and your business stand on these issues:

  • 01

    Will you pay a living wage to all of your employees?

  • 02

    Will you have a diverse board of directors?

  • 03

    Will you follow the Equal Pay Act? The Equal Pay Act requires that men and women in the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work.

  • 04

    Are you committed to fostering a culture of tolerance and inclusiveness throughout your company?

  • 05

    What sustainability or environmental standards does your company have in place or plans on executing?

Whether you're looking for your seed round or have an extensive fundraising history, Rise Up Crowdfunding is here for you.

Join our community of startups, small business owners, Fortune 500 corporations, advocates, and organizations, and learn how your business can access capital by crowdfunding through people who believe in you.

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