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If you refer a company to Rise Up Crowdfunding that successfully launches a raise on our platform, we’ll pay you $2500. No Limits 

How does it work?

Sign Up as an RUC Scout and get a referral link here:

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Then share your referral link or give it to someone you personally want to refer and make sure they use it to register. This is the only way we can tie you to them.

How to Earn the Referral Fee

You’ll earn a $2,500 referral fee each time a new company that you invite to Rise Up Crowdfunding successfully launches a raise on our platform.

This means if they get accepted, sign our contract, we file the mandated “Form C” with the S.E.C on their behalf and they authorize us to launch their Regulation Crowdfunding campaign, you then get paid. 

This company must not already have an account on Rise Up Crowdfunding. Please note that not every company passes our due diligence process, so the payment is contingent upon the company being authorized to list and go live on Rise Up It can take some time for a company to finish its disclosures and file Form C.

To earn the referral fee, there must be documented evidence of the referral, which is usually either (1) the founder coming in through your unique link above, or (2) an email intro from you to someone on the Rise Up Crowdfunding team.  This must occur before the founder has created an account on Rise up Crowdfunding. 

Please note: You cannot work for the company that you refer to us. 

One referral fee per company

If multiple people refer to the same founder, the decision on who earns the $2,500 will be at Rise Up Crowdfunding’s sole discretion. We may also choose to split the referral fee between two people if each played an equal role in getting the company to launch. 

No referral fees will be payable for repeat campaigns by the same company.

We expect that the size of the referral fee may change in the future, so return to this page for the latest info! The referral fee that is stated here on the date you make the referral is the amount you’ll be paid.

Thanks for sending founders our way and helping them raise the capital they need on Rise Up Crowdfunding LLC!