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Become A Rise Up Crowdfunding Scout

Become A Rise Up Crowdfunding Scout

Refer startups & small businesses to earn cash!

If you refer a company to Rise Up Crowdfunding that successfully carries out a raise on our platform, we’ll pay you $2500. No Limits. Join Our Scout Program Today!

If you have an organization, publication, or social media page that reaches a large audience of entrepreneurs, you could get paid $2,500 if you become a scout. They use your referral link and successfully carry out a raise on Rise Up Crowdfunding. Join Our Scout Program Today!

If you know a Small business or Startup that could raise money on Rise Up Crowdfunding, then become a scout, and have them use your referral link to refer them to us, and you will get $2,500 if they successfully raise on our platform. Join Our Scout Program Today!

Start sending founders our way and help them raise the capital they need on Rise Up Crowdfunding today! Join Our Scout Program Today!

Join our scout program today and use your referral link to share with your personal and business network and connections on LinkedIn. 
Please share it with accelerators, universities, and when you go to conferences, local events, and pitch competitions.

Share your link with diverse companies with a large community or an established social following that is based in the US (including founders and primary operations)
that are interested in raising $1M – $5M

Make sure they have a beautiful built-out website with a clear mission
and strong indicators of momentum – e.g., increasing revenue, releasing new products, recently received a significant investment?


Know a founder or business looking to raise capital?  Refer them to Rise Up Crowdfunding and earn $2,500 cash: Refer Here.

If you refer a company to us that successfully carries out a raise on our platform, we’ll pay you $2500. It’s that simple.

Rise Up Crowdfunding provides a regulated funding portal for diverse entrepreneurs to raise capital from the general public. By launching an offering on Rise Up Crowdfunding, business owners can share their future with customers, fans, followers, and their community while getting the funds they need to keep growing. Sign up now for FREE and join our mission to change the inequality of access to capital for women-owned companies and diverse-owned small businesses by joining our Rise Up Crowdfunding Premium Investor program. 

To learn more about both of these offerings please register HERE