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What Makes Us Different

Our mission, in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Corporation, is to help the American dream be realized for more; Women, Black, Hispanic, Veteran, and LGBTQ-owned companies, and all people of the new majority of founders; and startups by providing a platform for them to raise capital using Regulation Crowdfunding. 

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or someone with years of experience who needs to raise serious capital to grow your piece of the American dream, then Regulation Crowdfunding on Rise Up Crowdfunding is now an option you owe it to yourself to explore. Here’s why:

We believe our founders’ years of experience in equity crowdfunding are hard to match. Industry pioneer CEO Ruth E. Hedges helped pass the JOBS Act into law and Co-Founder Kendall Almerieco has been involved with companies raising millions of dollars through equity crowdfunding since the JOBS Act took effect.

If approved, you can raise as much as $5 million from “crowd investors” (customers, friends, fans, followers, your community, and the general public) who can, in some cases, bring much more to your company than just their hard-earned cash.

Your “crowd investors” can also align with your success and become passionate brand ambassadors, and can help to increase revenue. At the same time, your “crowd” gets an opportunity to own equity in a private company they love, which can go a long way to helping your company grow.

We offer a Premium Investor Program that is FREE for everyone who signs a pledge, unlike certain competitors who charge hundreds of dollars a year for similar programs.

We’ve designed our Premium Investor Program to make it easy to put your money where your heart is and get up to 10% additional investment shares from certain companies on Rise Up Crowdfunding. Our Premium Investor Program gives you a chance to invest early in certain companies you genuinely believe in and to be part of that company’s journey.

Rise Up Crowdfunding is a place where the general public can use the power of their capital to try to create direct change for minority and women entrepreneurs who have historically had a difficult time raising capital for their private companies. It is a place where we hope access to capital through equity crowdfunding will help to create generational wealth for some who had limited opportunities in the past.

For example, before President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law in 2012, the ability to invest in early-stage private companies was severely limited for the general public, while wealthy accredited investors did not have this limitation.

But now, with the JOBS Act and Regulation Crowdfunding in place, the general public has the opportunity to invest significant money that has been sitting on the sidelines to fund underrepresented minority-owned and women-owned founders, businesses, and startups.  

Rise Up Crowdfunding plans to help companies who are seeking supplier diversity contracts from corporate America and to let investors from the general public invest in those diverse private companies looking to scale. Because of the JOBS Act and Regulation Crowdfunding, investors of any income level can more easily invest in these private companies as institutional investors have done for decades. We believe that Regulation Crowdfunding allows you to find investment opportunities you believe in like these, and potentially make an impact.

We offer a success-based fee and streamlined process that makes running a Regulation Crowdfunding offering manageable and affordable, putting a new alternative into the hands of diverse entrepreneurs to raise capital than applying for venture capital or a bank loan.

Rise Up Crowdfunding receives 7% of the amount of capital you raise and 1% of the amount of capital you raise inequity. You will likely incur legal, accounting, and marketing costs that are not paid to Rise Up Crowdfunding.

This amount varies depending on many factors, including what you can complete in-house.

We are a crowd-investing funding portal committed and dedicated to diversity and inclusion in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company. We require companies raising capital on Rise Up Crowdfunding to commit to a pledge that aligns with our mission.

We are open to minority-owned and women-owned companies in the United States and are open to all investors, whether you’re looking to invest thousands or your first $100.00