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Ruth E Hedges

Ruth E. Hedges is one of the creators of Title lll 4(a)(6) the crowdfunding bill (Reg CF)  and helped legalize it through the U.S. Congress in the JOBS Act of 2012. She was honored with an invitation to the White House for its Crowdfunding “Champions of Change” event and Capitol Hill to showcase her technology to Congress members and the World Bank.

Ruth has been called “The Queen of Crowdfunding” by Forbes and is the recipient of the “Advancing Diversity Honors” award at CES and the “High Tech Woman Of The Year” award by the Las Vegas community tech fund. 

As a result of our CEO and Creator of Rise Up Crowdfunding LLC, companies can now raise up to $5 million under Regulation CF.

This new regulation along with Regulation A+  (which lets you raise up to $75 Million)  opens up investing in a startup to all people, making us all passionate investors for the first time. And now her work creating the Rise Up Crowdfunding platform will help minority-owned startups and small businesses get access to capital from the crowd to create great businesses, equitable and inclusive economies in their communities, equal good-paying jobs, and generational wealth.