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Please use the table below to track and manage your Investment status. download your subscription agreement, and more.

Company/ Offering Checkout Status Final Status Manage Everything

Under the tab COMPANY/OFFERING, you will see a list of each company you invest in using the Rise Up Crowdfunding portal.

Under the CHECKOUT STATUS, you will see where you are in the investment process, meaning you may need to sign a document, or you may need to make a payment, as an example.


Checkout Complete = Completed investment through the payment step.

Payment = Finished Questionnaire but stopped at payment or payment failed.

Contact Information = Started investment but stopped at the questionnaire.

To complete these steps, go to the MANAGE EVERYTHING column and push the CLICK HERE button, which will take you to your Purchase Progress page to take action

Under the FINAL STATUS column, you could see any of the following words describing completing all necessary steps to finalize your investment on Rise Up Crowdfunding after you sign the subscription agreement and finish payment as directed in the Checkout status required actions.

FINAL STATUS. - Might Say:

Draft - not yet invited to the offering

Invited - Invited to the offering, but you still need to sign it.

Signed - an investor has signed the agreement

Waiting - waiting means you have signed, funded, and been reviewed, waiting for acceptance

Accepted - countersigned by issuer

Inactive - The profile is inactive - most likely after a refund

Processing Countersignature - when countersignatures are being completed.

Under the MANAGE EVERYTHING, you will see the CLICK HERE button; when you click on it, it will take you to your investor dashboard, called the Purchase Progress Page, where all action related to your investment is taken.