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FOOD FOR EVERYONE INC is a new kind of restaurant franchise where we hire homeless people and teach them how to cook great healthy food, and then have a section of our establishment where we can feed more homeless people!


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FOOD FOR EVERYONE INC is a new kind of restaurant franchise where we hire homeless people and teach them how to cook great healthy food, and then have a section of our establishment where we can feed more homeless people! 


FOOD FOR EVERYONE INC was born out of our determination to cook healthy food while building a business that ends the cycle of recidivism and homelessness that's devastating our communities. 

With a record level of homelessness and a 69% rate of recidivism, FOOD FOR EVERYONE's mission is to help build back our communities through providing an inclusive, equitable workplace, providing good jobs for those with barriers to employment, and good food to eat.


Our holistic, wrap-around service model, provides integrated programs for employee personal development and growth. FOOD FOR EVERYONE supports our employees’ growth to live up to their potential and become the best versions of themselves. 


People come in and put their names on a clipboard and we'll call them when we have a job opening. No resumes, no cover letters, no formal job interviews. 


We believe everyone is capable of greatness when they eat well and thorough learning how to cook. 


Together we can help end the cycle of hunger and homelessness and incarceration that's plaguing our community. Together we can bring good jobs that lift up people.  Together we can change lives.  Please join us in this journey!  


Business Overview

Key facts & reasons to invest.

Problem & solution

Our Crowns beer portfolio consists of a variety of premium styles:

  • Lagers - Crisp and clean for the traditional beer lovers.

  • Stouts - Return of the season stout with layers of complexity yet approachable to new and old beer connoisseurs alike.

  • Fruited Tart Ales - Fruit forward sours widening the scope of what some consider beer to be.

  • West Coast IPA’s - India Pale Ales continue to lead craft beer sales often defined as bright, hoppy, and reflective of West Coast independent craft beer.

  • Hazy IPA’s - One of the most popular beer styles in the world with notes of tropical fruit juiciness.

Market size.

A Lack of Cultural & Diverse Ownership in Craft Beer.

Today, diverse business ownership has become a major driving factor in consumer spending decisions. However, even with the heightened demand for BIPOC businesses in all industries, and with Black buying power estimated at $1.4 trillion, it is still difficult to find brands, products, and physical spaces that authentically reflect this consumer and those that identify with this culture.


The beer industry generates roughly $116 billion per year with approximately $22 billion of those sales specific to independent craft beer. The Brewers Association has identified that multicultural consumers represent $8.3 billion of the premium craft market.  Yet, less than 1% of craft beer brands are owned by Black producers, and half of these brands lack their own taprooms or brewing facilities.



The Market is Ready for Culturally Authentic Products & Spaces.

Independent craft beer culture has become more than its product/beverage. While craft beer sales have continued to grow, craft beer culture has proven to create hubs within the community promoting values, diversity, ownership, and philanthropy. Our target market is more than just about race. Our demographic embraces the philosophies and values seen in the most sought-after cultures on the planet, ranging from Hip-Hop, Jazz, and R&B music to Latinx, the Caribbean, and a myriad of cultures throughout the African Diaspora.  

Owning our own facilities will give us agency in our relationships with key distributors and accounts as well as enable direct-to-consumer sales.

Consumer access to Crowns & Hops products is a priority for us.

We’d like for everyone to have premium crafted beverages and spaces in close proximity to their homes. This creates hubs for our community to connect and share space with family and friends currently missing in several Black and Brown cities around the country.


Crowns & Hops Continues to Deliver as Demand Increases.

For 6 years, we have been dedicated to developing a consumer base through a consistent social media presence, content, and strategic partnerships with culturally significant brands and organizations. This has been a major driver for our products, merchandise sales, and retailer partnerships

Financial history.

While investing in early-stage companies used to be only for the wealthy and well-connected, today, new laws allow for everyone from the community to become an investor in businesses like ours.

Beny Ashburn – Founder, CEO

As CEO for Crowns & Hops Brewing Co, Beny Ashburn’s focus is specific to the “Business” of beer and entrepreneurship. She started her career in advertising & brand marketing as a successful Executive Producer and Creative Strategist for some of the top ad agencies and brands around the world. Ashburn helps build and drive the creative and marketing framework for Crowns & Hops, ensuring the brand visuals and messaging coexist in a way that is consistent and high quality.

Crowns & Hops Team

The founders.

Teo Hunter – Founder, COO & Head of Beer Operations

As COO & Head of Brewing Operations for Crowns & Hops Brewing Co., Teo Hunter is a craft beer connoisseur, recipe designer, brand community manager, and activist for racial equity in the craft beer industry. Howard University Alum, Teo’s refined palate and experience in the cellar allows for him to lead beer production, beer distribution, global brand partnerships, and operations. 

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We bet on ourselves to prove the opportunity. Your investment is key for unlocking exponential growth.



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    We are very excited to welcome 112 new investors to our company. Our CEO has an interview on NBC,

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