Rise Up Crowdfunding is an equity crowdfunding portal and marketplace focusing on diversity and inclusion in collaboration with corporations and organizations. 

Our mission

We are leveling the playing field for access to capital!

Our mission is to create a place where the general public comes together to level the playing field for access to capital for diverse-owned small businesses.


We are going to do this using equity crowdfunding—a process that allows an issuer to grow an army of passionate investors from their fans, followers, customers, and the general public to drive entrepreneurship, supplier diversity, transform communities, and have the potential to create generational wealth.


We’ve broken down the barriers and democratized investing so people over the age of 18 years old, regardless of wealth or race, will have the same opportunity to raise capital and be an investor.


CAUTION: Regulation Crowdfunding securities are speculative, illiquid, and have a high degree of risk - including the entire loss of your investment.
Our partnerships

Committed companies and organizations.

Rise Up Crowdfunding is a coalition of leaders across industries and organizations who are committed to ensuring that diverse entrepreneurs get access to capital to help them scale, and drive growth within the supplier diversity industry.

What we are offering to Issuers.

Make the American dream work for you!


Education is #1 to Rise Up Crowdfunding, We make sure all of our issuers know the in’s and out’s of equity crowdfunding before launching their campaigns to increase their chances of success.


Visit our marketplace to find the perfect vendor to help you with any of your business needs to successfully launch your campaign.

Concierge Service

With our concierge service you will never feel alone during the process.We will be there for coaching and support to make your this process as easy as possible.

Form C Preparation​

We assist you with your Form C documents, and provide you with a template for your legal counsel to finalize.

Investor Dashboard​

We are opening up wealth-building opportunities to the everyday investor no matter their status in life. CAUTION: Regulation Crowdfunding securities are speculative, illiquid, and have a high degree of risk - including the entire loss of investment

All campaigns below are offered under Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act, known as the "crowdfunding exemption."

Disclaimer: For Illustrations Purposes Only.

Food For Everyone Inc

 Is a new kind of restaurant franchise where we hire homeless people and teach them how to cook great healthy food, and then have a section of our establishment where we can feed more homeless people!


Min. Investment





Blue Sky Tiny Houses Inc

Urban revival using tiny houses to be built on abandoned small plots of land.


Min. Investment





Easy RX

Medical RX delivery app for marginalized communities who don’t have a Pharmacy.


Min. Investment






Launch your campaign with experienced service providers.

Rise Up Crowdfunding is proud to partner with leading technology companies and professional service providers in marketing, legal, accounting, video production, digital marketing, and PR who share our passion for supporting diverse entrepreneurs during their journey to raise capital using equity crowdfunding. 

Industry News

How Women of Color Are Using Equity Crowdfunding to Achieve Success in the Tech World.


Disparaged by the racial and gender biases of venture capital firms, these four entrepreneurs have found an alternative path to financing their businesses.

Industry Facts

Below are some examples of successful campaigns in 2021 driving the equity crowdfunding industry to inspire and inform you.

  • 01

    LIL' LIBROS - $3,079,240

    Lil' Libros was founded by two mothers, Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein, to encourage reading in two languages at the earliest age with books that celebrate inclusivity, different cultures, and authenticity.
  • 02

    LaneAxis - $4,926,951

    Blockchain-Powered Direct Freight Network.
  • 03 - $5,000,000

    Automated messaging platform for tech-savvy marketers.
  • 04

    Gumroad - $5,000,000

    Powering the online creator community
  • 05

    Backstage Capital - $5,000,000

    Investment adviser focused on people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ founders.

The capital these companies raised using Reg CF provides a model for how the general public can come together, invest and support small businesses now and long into the future.

Disclaimer: The offerings mentioned were raised on other equity crowdfunding portals

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